January 5, 2015

Work was fairly slow yesterday, mainly because our students are not back yet. I have decided that I am going to work on building my presence on Twitter, for what reason? I’m not entirely sure, I feel like it will be beneficial as I move forward in my professional career. #SAChat, amiright?

I got home and Blake ordered a pizza. It was actually pretty decent for being Dominos. Then he decided that he wanted to completely rearrange the living room. I actually like moving furniture, so I was about it.

The gym was mayhem, as I expected it would be the first Monday of 2016. I swear there was not an empty treadmill in the entire place. Darn healthy folks burning their calories. I mean, good for them and all but I also like working out without having to wait for someone.

We started Nurse Jackie last night and it was pretty good. I also bought Guild Wars 2 even though a City of Heroes game is coming out soon, too.


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