Monday, January 4

I traveled to Chicago this weekend with Blake and Tyler. It was nice to get away from everything that has been happening and explore a city that I hadn’t been to since sixth grade. We visited Millennium Park and took a few pictures in front of the Bean, or the Cloud Gate. On Saturday we tried to go to the Skydeck but the line was too long and I didn’t really feel like waiting so we headed to the Museum of Art which was nice.

Saturday evening we went to Boys Town which was decent. We grabbed some food at D.S. Tequila which was tasty, and then headed to Hydrate. They had some sort of drag show which was pretty entertaining, but no coat check and the crowd was pretty light so we headed back to the hotel rather early.

I was glad to get home on Sunday. I missed Phoebe, and not having random noises coming from the surrounding rooms. I seriously barely got any sleep the entire time we were there, in part because of the prozac that I have started taking.

Over the break I also started playing Guild Wars 2. It seems similar to City of Heroes, but I’m still figuring it out and haven’t found a community like I did in City of Heroes. Not sure if people are just genuinely less nice in this game, but it seems like there is less interaction among players. Tyler started playing though, so it’s nice to have him there.

I’m thinking of purchasing a powerball ticket in the off chance that I win some cash to pay off my student loans. Wishful thinking, I know. I’m not even sure I’d know what to do with all that money, maybe shower in it like Squidward.



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