January 13, 2018

Things have been going pretty swell lately. I haven’t done a whole lot in 2018.

Work has been slow, which I’m thankful for. I’ve drafted a proposal to get a graduate intern at CSG. I think this will be helpful in implementing meetings and learning outcomes with more students which is always my jam.

Things with Cam have been good for the most part. He still has breakdowns, almost weekly. It’s a lot, but they last like 2 hours and then they are over. I don’t know what he’s going to be like with other things that arise – buying a house, children, all that jazz. I can’t have a partner that breaks down every week over some dumb shit.

My grandpa is in the hospital with some thing where his muscle is basically breaking down and poising the blood. He seems to be okay, they are going to do surgery soon. He should be taking better care of himself, along with my dad, but they just don’t care.

I messaged Tyler on instagram yesterday because he posted a boomerang of Joey. I miss Joey and watching him grow up 😦 I need more animals (but also no).


January 4, 2018

My sister stayed for the last night in her room yesterday. She is headed back to Lansing to live with Josh. I don’t get her reasoning for moving to Brighton other than love. Which, if she is in love with Josh then I’m happy for her. He seemed to treat her well when she was at the house, but I also think he uses her and her money.

I’ve been slightly insecure this week, I’m not sure why. I’m worried that maybe Cameron is better off without me and maybe he’s starting to realize it. Which is okay, he deserves to be happy. I just want to make him happy.

I’m trying to figure out my groove again, both financially and at work. I always want to leave early which is not good, I need to bring meaning to what I’m doing and I am trying my best but I actually cannot make what I want to do mandatory because it operates as a separate entity.

I want to hibernate until April.


January 1, 2018

I didn’t write a year-end blog so I’ll do that now.

I had a lot happen in 2017, a lot of good stuff actually.

  • I went to Florida for the first time
  • I saw Ariana Grande
  • I got Ellie
  • Tyler moved on forcing me to do so as well
  • I went to Ferndale Pride and Detroit Pride where I met Cameron
  • I met Jordan
  • I lost 25 pounds
  • I went to AAR and Dashboard with Anna
  • I celebrated my birthday at the Toledo Zoo with some of my favorite people
  • I started dating Cameron
  • I got a temp pay increase while working at Pierpont
  • I got a new job
  • I made it through my first stressful semester of the semester
  • I had a fun Halloween party
  • I had a fun NYE party
  • I made it through Trump’s first year as POTUS
  • I went to West Virginia & Denver with Cam

In looking towards next year, I think I only have a few major goals

  • Travel to a few more states (or places) I haven’t been to
  • Pay off a bit of my debt
  • Live this life

December 26, 2017

This weekend has been phenomenal.

Friday Cameron came over because I wanted to go to Aut Bar with friends and it sounded like we were going to – Matt, David, James, Rob, and Zach/Kris indicated they would. Then when we got there James and David said they were going to Necto, Zach/Kris bailed, Rob bailed, and Matt said he was headed to Necto with other people. It’s just annoying that when I make plans with people and they fall through, and then they get upset. Dumb.

Saturday we didn’t do much of anything at all. Cameron and I had a petty argument over him getting upset because I told him that he leaves the oven on just like his roommate Jon leaves the lights on. He started crying. I got annoyed.

Sunday we drove our cars to Cameron’s and then to my parents and spent time there. It was fun but different. My family just doesn’t get together as much anymore. After opening gifts and eating, Cameron and I headed back. It was weird because it started snowing even though we were not anticipating it. I had asked for it mentally but wasn’t expecting it. “Be careful what you wish for” is so real. The roads were AWFUL and Cam was going like 25 mph on the highway (he could have been going 40) so a 1.5 hour drive turned into 3. 😦

Monday we spent Christmas with his family. It was pretty fun granted that most of them are conservatives. I also don’t understand how Cameron emerged from that family without more issues. His mom is a lot and so is his oldest brother. I almost said something a few times but I’m too new.. lol.

Back to A2 today and just lounging. I need to go to Discount Tire to get my thing fixed.

December 17, 2017

This weekend was fabulous. I didn’t do anything with Cameron and it was perfect. I got a cold sore on Tuesday and it had me self conscious but Cam is great and fabulous.

Saturday, just for kicks, we went and got Cameron’s nose pierced. He had been wanting it for a while, but couldn’t afford it so I told him I’d get it for him. 🙂

Driving back from his place today I was thinking about how nervous I am that he is going to break my heart. He has given me no reason to think so, but I’m nervous anyhow.

Christmas is so soon! I cannot believe it.

December 11, 2017

This weekend was fun – I went to see Sasha with Cameron, James, David, and a few other people. It was packed and annoying, I really just like being at home or in a quieter place. We tried to meet her but the line was set up in a terrible way, and people kept cutting so eventually we just left.

Saturday we went to the gym and then to Portland for the Christmas party. It was stressful, just being around my family. I’m not sure why it stresses me out so much, but it does. Cameron could tell, and apparently he gets upset that I don’t ask how he’s doing after I have one of my stressful moments because it impacts him, too. Which is fair, but I also tell him when I’m upset, I’m not a mind reader.

Last week I sent both Blake and Tyler a “Happy holidays, hope all is well” text message. Tyler said, “Thanks you too” and Blake said nothing. I’m really irritated by his lack of response. Like super annoyed. Whatever, though.

December 2, 2017

I’m sitting at Cultivate with Cameron and I have to say I’m finally having the chance to actually relax. Neither one of us are sick, we have both have relaxing days – both last night and today. It’s nice to enjoy a beer and type up random crap for a blog.

We went downtown last night and it was pretty busy because of Tag Days. It was really cute, just really crowded. We went to Vault of Midnight to see the tree lighting – it was underwhelming. We were going to go to Bar for some food, but it was packed. We ended up going home and hanging out.

We were sitting in the living room and I wanted to show him the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran featuring Beyonce. We slow danced to it, and afterward I told him I loved him. I’ve accepted it over the past few days, but decided to tell him. It’s funny how big of a deal I made it in my head compared to previously – I hadn’t waited long with Tyler or with Blake. This time I wanted to make sure.

I’m not sure what this evening has in store, but hopefully it will be fun.

November 29, 2017

This week is so interesting. It has been so much more chill than the rest of November except for today.

Last night at the meeting there was a tiff between two members. One called for the removal of the other and nothing happened – which is good because procedurally you cannot do that. I feel like such a bad advisor because I do not know all of these things yet. Anyhow, that tiff carried over to today. The one that was not following protocol and was asked to be removed texted the other with language that came off as threatening and eventually the police were contacted. It’s difficult trying to manage that because you have to support both students which is difficult.

Another thorn in my side is this stupid guy that thinks we owe him his flight cost because he missed it. No, honey, we do not. Plan better. Curious to see what my boss says.

Matt Lauer was kicked off the Today Show which is so weird to me because I grew up with him on television. Men need to stop taking advantage of their power and not be gross. POTUS also chimed in about it and I’m like – seriously guy?! You are on tape talking about assaulting women. Gross.

I cannot believe this year is almost over. 2017 flew by.

November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving break has been pretty relaxing so far. I went out for drinks with Cameron, David, and James on Wednesday. Since then I’ve been sick.. lol.

Thursday was nice. We went and spent some time with my family, and then traveled across the state to hang out with Cameron’s. I was feeling pretty rough by the end of the evening.

Friday I literally spent in bed, the entire time. We got back to Ann Arbor, watched some weird gay movie about drag queens called Cherry Pop. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good.

I’m feeling better today! We are currently at Cultivate and Anna is coming to hang out soon. 🙂

November 20, 2017

I sit here laying on the couch with Ellie napping softly. She is such a little ham, I cannot believe I considered getting rid of her. I mean, I can.. I was overwhelmed at the time.

This entire month has been an absolute shit show at work.

The big vote came up and surprisingly the students passed it by secret ballot, and then the president reluctantly signed it (or will be). It was the longest meeting ever – it went until 3am. Disgusting.

Elections were 6 days later and there were a plethora of problems to deal with regarding that as well. Lots of last minute scrambling because both me and the Election Director have no idea what we are doing. They went live today and I found out one school was shorted by the registrar by 4000 people. We got it fixed and I had a back-up plan because of a loop-hole, but good gravy.

The bus thing starts tomorrow and I hadn’t heard any confirmation from the students so I sent an email last night at 11:30 p.m. and then had to go to the airport this morning to get the permits and what not. OVER IT.

Thank Jesus that the break is almost here because I’m headed straight towards a nervous breakdown. lol