July 25, 2017

I think I’m going to ask Cameron to be my boyfriend on Friday. It’s strange to think that I’m about to enter into an adventure with someone new, but it feels right (kinda). We have so many shared interests and he’s such a sweetheart.

I get irritated around the know-it-all attitude, but I think that may just be a Pisces thing.

Today was the last day I got to spend with Jordan. It was an appropriate ending. Anna, Kris, Kevin, James and his puppy came over to help send him on his way. Anna, Kris, Jordan and I went to get coffee after and then just cruised around laughing and listening to jams while enjoying the setting sun.

Folks make me feel bad about Ellie because she’s so hyper.. I think maybe I should call the vet. Makes me feel really bad.

July 19, 2017

The days are going by slow, which I should be thankful for. I have been loving this weather.

I went to Karla’s going away soiree yesterday at Hopcat. It’s weird that she’s leaving, but I think it makes sense. On to bigger and better things. I just feel like I’m stuck and I don’t know how to go beyond that. Do I uproot my entire life and just go? Do I find another place to work at in Michigan?

I’m not going to let my involvement with Cameron stop me from pursuing a great opportunity, though. I’ve learned that the hard way.

I wrote a goodbye letter to Jordan today, and ordered him a Batman thing. I hope he likes it.

I’m trying to be a better friend, but it is so exhausting to me.

July 16, 2017

I’m seriously getting so bad at blogging. I think, in part, it’s because my new responsibilities do not necessarily allow the time to do so. Let’s review what has happened for the past two weeks.

Last weekend.. I can’t recall what I did on Friday, but I don’t think it was too important. Cameron came over on Saturday and we hung out. He had hives all over his body, though 😦 Sunday I just remember going to the gym and to Save-a-lot. That’s about it.

Tuesday was kind of a shit show. I had to open Pierpont at 7am and we had a vendor that wanted access at 7am, and I figured they probably would just not show up until 7:30 or 8:00 but no.. they called me at 7:10 because they were lost. I had hit 8000 steps by 11am if that gives you any type of idea how crazy it was. They would ask me to run from opposite end of the building to them.. and then once I got there ask for an additional item.. it was a lot.

Wednesday and Thursday I participated in a facilitation training. I opened my mouth a bit too much in front of Thomas which I’m sure will come back to bite me on the butt.. around how I was doing the facilitation to appease the higher ups.. which is true.. I do want to present myself as caring about my work. The thing is.. I do care.. a lot. I just don’t show it the way they want me to, and so I’m adjusting my sails and going with their freaking breeze.

Friday was chill. I hung out with Cameron at Necto on Friday, and that was fun.

Saturday we went on the river but I was a bit hungover tbh. I got home after eating Olive Garden and slept from 5pm until 7:30am.

Today has been the most chill ever. I woke up and took Ellie for a walk, went to the gym, finished GLOW, and have been playing Pokemon all day. I’m going to download HBO Now, I think. I need to watch GoT.

July 4, 2017

I have not done a whole lot today other than drive myself around. I think of it as a reward for all the stuff I did from Friday through today.

Friday I worked until 3:30 and Eric let me go early which was really nice of him. I went home and finished packing up my stuff and went to grab Jordan. We were on the road by around 4:30 which wasn’t too shabby. Traffic was awful! We drove for a while and then stopped at Arby’s to grab some food.

We got to the campground and checked in. Jordan was a goof and the check-in folks were teasing him about signing when they needed him to print his name. It became a running joke for the weekend. We went to Walmart to get a few more things and then came back. We went to the pool and enjoyed a beverage. Everyone was skinny dipping which was kind of cool, but then Jordan was getting hit on real hard so we decided to head back.

Saturday we went downtown Saugatuck to check it out and then grabbed some breakfast. After that we went back to the camp and hung out for a bit and then went to the pool. After the pool we went back and took a nap. After the nap we went to Saugatuck Brewing Company. We ate and then drove over to the Dunes and had a few drinks but we decided we weren’t really feeling it so we went back to camp.

When we got back to the camp we decided to go to the pool and skinny dip. Choices.

Folks were handsy and creepy. Things got a bit out of hand.. people were doing dirty things in the water, so we decided to go back to the tent. I just wanted to relax, naked, under the night sky while drinking. Is that too much to ask? lol

Sunday we decided to pack up and go. We went to Oval Beach which was fun. After the beach we headed back to Ann Arbor. Jordan was going to drive but he kept setting off the Progressive thing so we switched off after getting some Wendy’s.

We got back and I showered and laid down for a bit. I was tuckered out. I played some Pokemon and then texted Cam because he was wanting me to come over.

I headed over and, to my surprise, the drive wasn’t terrible. It was only one hour. We slept together and then enjoyed Monday together. We went to Chili’s, a walk around the park, and then to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

I woke up this morning and we watched the second episode of season eight of Rupaul and then I decided that it was time to go as I had to go pick up Ellie. I had asked my dad if he would watch Ellie until Friday but he said no because she was going to the bathroom inside.

I went up, grabbed her, and then came back down.

I got home and did some laundry, found out my debit card was being used in Florida so had that froze, played a WHOLE lot of Pokemon and then went to get pizza. When I went inside and grabbed the 2 liter and asked for a pizza and breadsticks he said I was all set. I was like, what? I’ll take it.

So, yes, today was lazy but I think that’s okay.

June 29, 2017

I finished cleaning out the apartment yesterday, and I am dropping off the keys. I know I had already broken down about it, but actually closing that chapter on my life is weird.

I tried calling Blake to ask if he wanted certain things but he didn’t answer. He never texted me back either. I’m just kind of over it.

I unblocked Tyler on Insta today to see if he was miserable, but he’s not. Not that I truly want him to be, I just want him to realize how good he had it. Maybe, though, he didn’t. Breaking up creates so much self-doubt and I seriously question why people want to be with me. I understand that I’m cute, but that will fade and then nobody will want me.

I’m going to Saugatuck this weekend with Jordan, spending money that I don’t have. I know it is dumb. But whatever. Life is short. He’s going back to NYC soon, and I want to make sure I get to enjoy my time with him.

Things are going well with Cameron so far. I don’t want to jump the gun or anything, but I can see it turning into a relationship. Famous last words, right?

June 26, 2017

I have had the most excellent of weeks. I am so incredibly fortunate to have friends that love me, a cute boy that likes me, and a dog and cat that provide constant cuddles.

Thursday we went to Bill’s Beer Garden and enjoyed a few beverages. Jordan brought me the CUTEST freaking gift ever – a Pokemon mat that says Home Sweet Home. Anna had flowers delivered to me. James and Kevin got me a drink guide. Cam got me tickets to see the Drag Queens. Zach and Kris got me a Chili’s gift card. Matt got me.. nothing. lol.

Friday we went out but Cam and Anna wanted to leave early, so we did.

Saturday we (all minus Matt) went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day. Then James, Kevin, Anna, and Jordan came over and we played games all night. It was superb.

Sunday I just hung out with Cam. We moved more stuff from my old place, went to Tropical Smoothie, and went to the gym. It was nice.

I had to drop Ellie off today to get fixed. I almost teared up 😦

June 21, 2017

Tomorrow I turn 28, and I’m excited. Excited to leave this year in the past, but not to forget it and all that it has taught me. Breakups, heartbreaks, new friends, new job responsibilities. It’s been stressful, but I’m adjusting.

Lots of folks have come into my life, and quite a few have left it. If you believe in fate, each of those has a reason. Some folks are just crazy, sometimes I’m the crazy one. It’s okay as long as you recognize it.

I have been working at Pierpont for the week learning how to manage a building 🙂

Bill’s beer garden tomorrow / Necto Friday / Zoo on Saturday. It’s nice having friends.

June 12, 2017

I feel like I keep starting my blogs with “this was fun.” That’s a nice change of pace, right? Things aren’t terrible right now, they are pretty splendid.

Friday, I spent the evening with Jordan. We played a lot of Super Smash, went to dinner at a Chinese place, and then to Necto. It was chill. He’s a really awesome guy.

Saturday, I went to pride with Jordan, Zach, Kris, and Matt. We were there from 12:30 to around 8:30. It was pretty tiring but fun. Who doesn’t like drinking and spending time outside watching performances? I met Cameron and he gave us neat tattoos. I spent the majority of the time with Cam and Jordan, and it was pretty fun. We went to St. Andrews after and I think that was probably a mistake. I was tired.

When I drove Jordan back we sat and chatted for a bit. He told me how uncomfortable he was having to spend the day with Cameron, and basically being ignored. I’m kind of an awful person, but I was under the impression that we were just going to try the fwb things. I mean, he leaves at the end of the summer. If he didn’t, I would be incredibly interested.

Sunday I slept until 11, played Super Smash all day, and then went to Ferndale to meet up with Cam. We did dinner at One Eye’d Betty’s and then went to see Wonder Woman. The theater was actually pretty neat. It had reclining chairs so we got to cuddle a bit. He drove me back and then we kissed for a little bit. I left.

On the way home I was so nervous I was going to run out of gas. I could have stopped, sure, but I didn’t. lol

I don’t want to work this week.

June 5, 2017

This weekend was fun.

I went to Brooklyn’s dance recital on Saturday and got to spend time with my parents, Grant & Nicole, and Audra. Brooklyn was pretty cute in her one dance, but I was bummed that it was one of twenty-two dances.. lol. We went to Grant’s work afterward and had lunch.

I drove to pride in Ferndale after to meet Zach and Matt. We had lots of fun.

Sunday I went to the gym, went to Lowe’s with Anna’s, helped Anna move some of her furniture, went to David’s to check out the place and talk about paints, then we rushed back to meet Zach. Zach and I went to Gallup to walk Ellie, then to Kroger to get dinner. After that I went to meet Jordan at Raven’s club. He’s pretty cute and nice, but moving back to NYC soon.


May 29, 2017

I go back to work tomorrow, and I’m okay with that. This weekend has been pretty slow. I took Friday off, so it was a four day weekend.

Friday I did a lot of shopping (and walking). I went to Potbelly’s for lunch, then Marshall’s, then Old Navy, then finally Five Below. I went to dinner with Troy and Val which was nice. After dinner we ran back to my place for like two seconds before going to Glasshouse to watch RuPaul. After Glasshouse we went to James’ for his birthday, then Necto.

James’ mom is the absolute most. Talking about killing anyone that hurt James – which is sweet in a way, I guess. Then talking about how she gave head to people to get out of drunk driving tickets and shit. Mess. James cried a few times because of his mom and her friend being there. Apparently the asswipe gave him unwanted sexual attention 😦

Troy stayed the night and we attempted to have sex but there was just too much going on. I want to try again, though.

Saturday I went home for a hot second to visit family. I went garage saling with my parents which was fun. I got some random shit that I probably didn’t need, but I don’t care. I left Ellie there, not for my wellbeing but for hers. I think it’s good to get out and get some fresh air, honestly. I’m kind of missing the bundle of energy. I came back and didn’t do much at all.

Sunday I went to the gym, and then went to Zach’s house. I swear he has the perfect life. His family is so sweet, and his house is really nice and there seems to be a complete lack of drama which I envy. His aunts were really nice, too. I came back around 730 and went to get drinks/food with David in Ypsi.

Today I didn’t wake up until 10am which was nice. I went to the gym, made bacon, did laundry, went for a run/walk with David, and then got some ice cream with David. My legs were TIRED. I passed out for a two hour nap which was really nice. I went to see Baywatch this evening, too. It was okay, I guess.

Work tomorrow 🙂